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Nominating Petitions

In order for Ed Lazere to appear on the ballot in November, we need to collect nominating petition signatures from at least 250 registered DC voters. That’s where you come in!

This year, the process will take place online. Read on for everything you need to know to submit your signature to get Ed on the ballot.

Have questions? Email us at

1. Print out a copy of the nominating petition

Don’t have access to a printer? Email us and we’ll mail you a paper form.

2. Add your name, address, and signature

  • You must be a registered DC voter to fill out a petition.
  • Using a black or blue pen, print your name in clear writing as it appears on your driver’s license and/or voter registration.
  • Add the address where you are currently registered to vote. Make sure to include your quadrant (NE, NW, SE, SW) and apartment or unit number. You do not need to include Washington DC or your Zip Code.
  • Please check your registration status, and especially the address under which you are registered, here.
  • Add your signature and the date you signed the petition.

3. Collect additional signatures (if you want!)

If it is safe for you to do so, please collect one or two other signatures from your family, housemates, or neighbors who are DC voters. Even one signature beyond yours would be appreciated and helpful!

4. This is key: Complete the bottom of the form

At the bottom of each sheet is a “Circulator’s Affidavit.” Every signature must be witnessed and signed by a “Circulator.” Luckily, you can be the Circulator for your own signature and any others you gather! To make the form valid, simply add your printed name, address, signature, date, and telephone number in the fields at the bottom of the form.

5. Return your completed form

Once you’ve signed the form and completed the affidavit at the bottom, you are ready to return it to us. Scan the completed form or take a high-quality photo (phone photos are fine!) to submit. Email the completed pdf or photo to or upload it using the form below.

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