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Ed has a 20-year track record of fighting and winning on issues of economic, racial, and social justice in DC. Thats why he’s earned the endorsements of DC’s progressive and grassroots leaders:

Karl A. Racine

DC Attorney General

“Ed has meticulously studied the budget and finances of the District of Columbia for 20 years, always with a focus on a balanced budget that prioritizes the needs of our most vulnerable communities.”

Elissa Silverman

DC Councilmember, At-Large

“Ed isn’t going to tell you he’s progressive to win your vote, then vote against those values as a Councilmember. More than anyone I know, Ed lives his values.”

Janeese Lewis George

Democratic Nominee, DC Council Ward 4

“Ed Lazere is one of DC’s leading champions for racial and economic justice in public policy.”

Brianne K. Nadeau

DC Councilmember, Ward 1

“We need Ed Lazere on the DC Council to help ensure the government focuses on how we can better serve our most vulnerable residents”

Zachary Parker

DC State Board of Education, Ward 5

“I am proud to endorse Ed because he will be ready to legislate on day one, and he will fight for the forgotten among us and the issues that matter most.”

Emily Gasoi

DC State Board of Education, Ward 1

“Ed has successfully fought for policy changes that have kept thousands of DC children from falling into poverty, created at-risk funding for schools serving our most vulnerable students, and ensured that low-income families were not pushed out of their homes by rising taxes.”

Ruth Wattenberg

DC State Board of Education, Ward 3

“Ed Lazere understands the needs of our schools. [He is] an energetic supporter for strong, fair, predictable school funding and much greater oversight and transparency for our schools.”

Karen Williams

DC State Board of Education, Ward 7

DC's Union Families

“Ed Lazere brings decades of experience in budget analysis and advocacy and he has championed policies that have helped make DC a more equitable place to live, work, and raise a family”

Building & Airport Workers

“Black and brown essential workers, who risk their lives to keep District residents safe and our economy running, need a champion like Ed Lazere who will always put them first.”

Hotel & Hospitality Workers

“Ed is the champion hospitality workers need on the Council right now, and we’ll be working tirelessly to help elect him between now and November.”

Metro & Bus Drivers

“Ed has been a budget expert and champion for working people for decades. We can’t wait to see what he achieves on the council!”

Construction Workers

“Ed Lazere understands the important role that unions can play in addressing income inequality in the District. DC needs more elected officials with that perspective.”

Construction Tradespeople

“With his commitment to lead our construction industry in policy and economic advancement for our workers and their families, we will work hard to see that Ed Lazere is elected”

DC's Nurses

“Ed Lazere is a proven and fierce advocate for health care justice and equity. He is also a strong supporter of workers’ rights.”


“Nurses are excited to endorse lifelong, public interest advocate Ed Lazere, the candidate who has been a consistent champion for a budget that works for the people of DC.”

Retail & Grocery Workers

“Ed Lazere has dedicated his career to understanding the exigent issues facing working families and advocating for progressive solutions that get to the core of the problem.”

Health Care Workers

“As frontline healthcare workers, we are proud to endorse Ed Lazere. Given his decades of experience with research & on-the-ground movements, we know that Ed will organize with us to build a healthy and equitable DC.”

Service Workers

Nonprofit Workers

“Ed Lazere brings decades of experience in budget analysis and advocacy and he has championed policies that have helped make DC a more equitable place to live, work, and raise a family”

Public Works Employees

“Ed has a deep understanding of DC’s budget and finances, which he has put to use fighting for hard-working DC families for two decades.”

Government Workers


“Ed Lazere’s years leading the DC Fiscal Policy Institute uniquely positions him above all of the other candidates and makes him ready to hit the ground running immediately upon taking office.”

Airport Workers

“Through his work, Ed has supported issues that matter to Local 23 members in DC. Now more than ever, immigrants and workers need allies in government who will stand in solidarity with us.”

Pipe Workers

“Ed as a partner in the labor movement and the fight for worker safety, expanded training and increased job opportunities for workers.”

Electrical Workers


“This election cycle the choice is crystal clear, Ed Lazere is the progressive champion we need on the DC Council for the At-Large DC Council seat.”

Economic Justice

“Ed Lazere is the progressive, values-driven budget expert that DC needs in this moment. For two decades, he has been demanding policy changes that put people first, not big business profits.”

Economic Justice

“Ed Lazere has been fighting to make the District a more fair and equitable place for more than two decades.”

Gender Justice

“Ed has partnered for two decades with community organizations across the city in successful fights for fair wages, affordable housing, access to health care, and more.”

Reproductive Rights

“As a dedicated advocate for health equity and a champion for economic and racial justice, Ed Lazere reflects the values we hold dear. That’s why we are so proud to endorse Ed for the DC Council At-Large race.”

Economic Justice

“Ed Lazere … has consistently impressed our chapter with his commitment to racial, environmental, and economic justice and his firm belief that the DC government should work for all of its residents.”

Environmental Justice

“For many years, Ed Lazere has worked to make DC a more equitable city, especially for those with the least access to money and power.”

Environmental Justice

“Ed’s pushed for environmentally-conscious programs like the Clean Energy DC Act, and the Solar for All plan helping bring solar power to 100k low-income households in DC.”

Environmental Justice

“We are endorsing Ed because we believe he is a progressive champion who will fight for climate and racial justice in the District.”

Housing & Transportation Equity

“Increasing the housing supply throughout the city is a matter of racial equity… We must rebuild our transportation network to reflect the kinds of mobility we want to encourage — biking, walking and transit.”

Immigration Justice

“We are excited to release our latest round of endorsements to candidates that align with immigration policies that help immigrants in our communities without hurting others. We proudly endorse Ed Lazere for DC Council At-Large.”


“Ed Lazere is a longtime progressive policy leader who understands the struggles that DC working families face every day, and is committed to fighting against the influence of money in politics.”


“Ed’s two decades as a progressive advocate and DC budget expert make it clear he’s the candidate most committed to game-changing reform in DC.”

Economic Justice

“We are proud to support Ed Lazere because he is ready to stand up for One Fair Wage with tips on top as well as racial, gender and economic justice for service workers during this challenging time.”

Animal Rights

“Compassion and equity compel us to take care of our neighbors, our planet, and the animals we share it with. Ed shares DCVFA’s concern for animal well-being and passion for bringing animals into our lives.”



Chevy Chase for Racial Progress started with the goal of working towards an Anti-Racist DC, and we know that Ed Lazere will help us achieve that goal if elected.”

Community Leaders

Ed is proud to be endorsed by community leaders from across the District. They represent all eight wards and reflect a range of backgrounds, including Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, small business leaders, neighborhood activists, and leaders on issues like health equity, LGBTQ+ rights, statehood, and more. See the full list.
Mustafa Abdul-Salaam
Ivan Frishberg
Aiyi'nah Ford
Suzanne Wells
Andy Shallal
Jonah Goodman
Sharece Crawford
Ra Amin
Jordan Grossman
Rubie Coles
Japer Bowles
Salim K.T. Adofo
Amir Irani
Rev. Ruth Hamilton
Carrie Thornhill
Andria Thomas
Keshini Ladduwahetty
Clayton Rosenberg
Mysiki Valentine
Chioma Oruh

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