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Thank You!

I’m so thankful today. First and foremost, thank you for sharing my vision for the humane, inclusive, and equitable city DC can and should be. Your energy and effort made it possible to run a campaign focused squarely and honestly on addressing the District’s economic, racial, and social inequities. I’m proud of our campaign and humbled by -- and grateful for -- your support.

The many conversations I’ve had across DC over the last five months reinforced what I knew, that DC residents care deeply about their community. Many are happy about the city’s progress, but even more are concerned about what DC is becoming: an increasingly expensive city where only the most fortunate can make it. DC residents want their leaders to take actions to ensure no one is left behind or pushed out. Just a few weeks ago, I met two young sisters at the Anacostia Metro Station, 3rd and 4th-grade, told me the most important things DC can do is get more books for schools and do more to help people experiencing homelessness.

If our youngest residents can see what DC needs, then we as adults have an obligation to tackle these and other challenges. I look forward to continuing to work with you to make DC a fairer and stronger city.

I cannot believe how many people I’ve asked for help over the past five months, often in multiple ways. Your collective efforts gave my campaign energy, strength, and power. I cannot thank enough those who gathered petition signatures, knocked on doors, made phone calls, entered data, worked on election day, put up signs, put a sign in your yard, helped with communications or social media, donated, held a meet and greet, or endorsed my campaign as an organization.

A few people deserve extra-special thanks, including my Campaign Chair Ericka Taylor and Treasurer Kendrick Curry. Jasmine Jones, our Finance Director, helped us raise the money to mount a credible campaign. Mat Hanson, our campaign manager, put me to shame working long hours literally every day for the past 5 months, bringing tremendous knowledge of how to run a campaign.

Finally, I want to thank my family, especially my wife Suzanne. for not just putting up with this but also being by biggest booster and helper. I love you.


Ed Lazere

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