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Thank You!

I’m so thankful today. First and foremost, thank you for sharing my vision for the humane, inclusive, and equitable city DC can and should be. Your energy and effort made it possible to run a campaign focused squarely and honestly on addressing the District’s economic, racial, and social inequities. I’m proud of our campaign and humbled by -- and grateful for -- your support.


Parents, students and teachers cannot afford business as usual. Without an active Council Chair, our students will continue to struggle

Our schools are struggling, leaving many of our children to suffer the consequences. Ten years into school reform, the difference in achievement between students of color and white students is vast, and too many students are not graduating. Rather than ensure that every student is able to get a high-quality education, parents are forced to gamble on their child’s future through the school lottery. And there is a troubling lack of transparency and information about what’s happening in our schools, both DCPS and public charter schools.

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