Press Releases and Candidate Statements


Tipped Workers Deserve a Fair Minimum Wage and Tips

As an advocate who has fought for nearly two decades for better jobs and higher wages for DC residents, I support Initiative 77. It will raise wages, preserve tipping and provide workers with a more reliable income.


Investing in DC Values

Today, the DC Council will vote to approve our annual budget, now $14 billion dollars. It is one of the most important votes of the year and as is often said, budgets are moral documents. Where we invest our resources says a lot about our values.


The Need for Language Access (op-ed)

Actions speak louder than words. If the DC Council is serious about supporting our non-English speaking residents and allowing the linguistic diversity of our neighborhoods to flourish, they must amend and fully fund the DC Language Access Act. That legislation remains stalled in the DC Council, held back by its current Chair.


Have you seen the DC budget?

The DC Council is voting on a $14 billion budget next week. From affordable housing, to schools and criminal justice reform, this budget is going to have a huge impact on the future of our city.

Do you know what’s in it? Probably not, because the current Council Chair hasn't released the final budget yet.


2018 GLAA Questionnaire

Note: The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance asks candidates to post responses their questions on their campaign website to help demonstrate their commitment to the issues.


Council Chair Mendelson: Holding the Council Back on Equity When DC Needs to Move Forward

Today, the DC Council took a historic step towards cutting off the “school to prison pipeline,” by passing legislation to eliminate most school suspensions. This end to a racially biased approach to discipline is to be applauded. It affirms that schools should be a place for students to learn and sends a powerful message that we cannot punish young people because of the challenges they face inside or outside of the classroom.

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