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We Need a Hearing on Amazon HQ2

The fact that the current Chair won’t commit to holding a hearing on one of the most important deals facing the city in decades is a failure of leadership and completely unacceptable.

The families that live and work here deserve to know what’s in the Mayor’s proposal. The Chair needs to hold a hearing before it’s too late. If he waits until Amazon HQ2 makes a decision, we will lose all leverage to negotiate a fair deal for residents.

My opponent claims that he asked the Mayor a couple of months ago to be briefed on her proposal but that he hasn’t seen it, that “nobody has.” That’s exactly the problem and why I’m calling for a hearing, so that we can find out what’s on the table and if it’s a good deal for DC.

If the Chair can be asked to be briefed on the Mayor’s proposal, don’t residents deserve the same?

Like the discussion around the Comprehensive Plan, it's clear that residents want their voices to be heard in this debate. Amazon HQ2 is really about the future of our city. Will we focus on fair development that puts the needs of residents first, or will we give anything to major corporations, without asking for anything in return?

  • Ed Lazere

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