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To Combat the Twin Evils of Anti-Semitism and Racism, We Need Increased Dialogue and Understanding

An article in The Washington Post about an elected official’s painful comments opened wounds that were beginning to heal. It is deeply unfortunate that the Post’s coverage of Councilmember Trayon White’s visit to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, with his entire staff, did not focus on their sincere effort to learn about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Instead, the article centered on questions asked by White and his staff with the clear intent to shame them for what they didn’t know about the Holocaust before visiting the museum.


We Need a Hearing on Amazon HQ2

The fact that the current Chair won’t commit to holding a hearing on one of the most important deals facing the city in decades is a failure of leadership and completely unacceptable.

The families that live and work here deserve to know what’s in the Mayor’s proposal. The Chair needs to hold a hearing before it’s too late. If he waits until Amazon HQ2 makes a decision, we will lose all leverage to negotiate a fair deal for residents.

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