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The Fight for the Future of our City

The fight over DC’s Comp Plan is about the future of our city -- and about who has a say in it.

I’m running to be the next DC Council Chair because, like many DC residents, I’m concerned about DC’s widening income and racial inequities. Our leaders are not doing enough to address the impacts of gentrification, or to shape development that helps all residents. Too many Black and Brown residents are being left behind and pushed out. Too many DC residents worry about paying rent and staying in their homes. And Ward 7 and Ward 8 residents are still waiting for the most basic neighborhood-serving development: healthy and affordable grocery options.



“I add my voice to the many members of the DC Council who say it is time for Mayor Bowser to
offer an explanation of the events surrounding the resignation of former DCPS Chancellor,
including the leadership decisions she made. This reckoning is important to allowing us to move


Fair Development Includes Hiring Local Residents and Providing Good Jobs with Benefits.

“The key to building a fairer and stronger economy in DC is to make sure everyone benefits from the
city’s growth. That’s why I support Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White’s call to make sure the developer
of the Ward 8 Maple View Flats Development project hires local residents. When developers profit from
Ward 8 and other communities, they also should be expected to give back, especially through local hiring.


Current Council Chair’s Effort to Undermine Tenants’ Rights Leads Us in the Wrong Direction

“It’s March 1, which for many residents means that rent is due. For those struggling to pay DC’s rising
rents, it’s a painful reminder of how hard it is to continue to live in DC.

Unfortunately, at a time when we should be working to help more residents stay in their homes, the
current Chair of the Council is working to help real estate interests, by leading an effort to weaken DC’s
strong tenant protections. He is driving a vote for his proposal next Tuesday. It would lead DC in the
wrong direction and I urge him and the Council to strengthen tenant rights, not diminish them.

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