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It's past time we end the campaign to repeal and replace paid family leave. Our campaign is calling on the current Chair to issue a statement allowing the Universal Paid Leave Act to finally move forward.

The current Chair recently indicated that he is willing to join the overwhelming majority of hard-working residents who want to see this program brought to life. The paid family and medical leave program, that
I fought for as part of a broad and diverse coalition, will help close racial health gaps and ensure that no
one must choose between the health of a loved one and their paycheck.

Now that the current Chair has said he does not plan on moving legislation that would water down paid family leave, I call on him to unequivocally to state that he will not make any changes to the Universal Paid Leave Act, so that Mayor Bowser can move full speed ahead to implement it.

Hard-working DC residents deserve that certainty, after more than a year of delay and uncertainty. A recent report from Mayor Bowser noted that "any delays due to a lack of funding, uncertainty regarding the final form of the legislation, or other factors could have a negative impact on the timeline for the entire paid leave program".

It is unfortunate that the current Chair, who has the power to set the agenda for the Council, spent more than a year working to roll back paid family leave, time that would have been better spent prioritizing other important issues, like strengthening DC schools or ending homelessness. Adding insult to injury, a year ago he declared a 2-year moratorium on other legislation that would improve the lives of working families.

If elected, I will never put the needs of DC residents on hold. By running on the issues from affordable housing to paid family leave and closing the racial income and wealth gap, we are focusing this race on the needs of hard-working residents. And I am excited that it is paying off already.

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