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DCPS Chancellor Wilson Should Resign

Like many parents across DC, I am deeply disturbed by Chancellor Antwan Wilson’s abuse of
power, and I have lost confidence in his ability to lead DC Public Schools. I call on him to resign
effective at the end of the 2017-18 school year and for a search for a new chancellor to begin
immediately. I also call on Mayor Muriel Bowser to apologize to DC residents, following this third known
incident of DCPS favoritism on the part of her senior leadership.

I am a former DCPS parent and know many parents who have entered the lottery to get into the school they thought was best for their child. None of them had any special pull to get the outcome they wanted. To them, and all of us, Chancellor Wilson’s ability to get around the lottery and get his child into the school of his choice is an affront.

As a candidate for DC Council Chair, I know that DC residents look to their leaders to operate with integrity and to put the interest of DC residents above all else. Chancellor Wilson has failed on both accounts.

The loss of a Chancellor and a new search is unfortunate, but DC residents should not accept this kind of leadership solely for the purpose of continuity. DC Public Schools needs a new Chancellor who will shape school environments to address the trauma and stresses that get in the way of a good education. We need a Chancellor who will turn all schools into community hubs. We need a Chancellor who will provide enriching opportunities to excite children and help them explore all aspects of their intellect and talents. And we need a Chancellor who will operate with the transparency needed to engage parents, the DC Council, and other stakeholders and create the best environment for working together to support our children.

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