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To Build a More Just DC—For All of Us

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To Build a More Just DC—For All of Us

"I'm tired of DC leaders who say they care but govern like they don't. It's time to address our challenges at the scale they demand." —Ed Lazere

Ed Lazere has spent two decades as a tireless advocate and DC budget expert—fighting to make sure DC’s resources go for the things that matter most to us. He’s partnered with residents across the city to enact paid family leave and minimum wage increases, create more affordable housing, and strive for equitable education. Now, he’s running to bring bolder, more progressive leadership to the DC Council.

Building a More Just DC—For All of Us

My family has been lucky enough to live in this city for more than 30 years. Today, DC has the resources to stop displacement and lead on housing affordability. We need new leadership on the Council so we can move forward without leaving anyone behind or pushing anyone out.

Now is the time to make the bold investments so no one loses their home because of the pandemic, and DC residents can afford to stay in the city.


Ed is building a grassroots coalition to create a more equitable DC. He is proud to be endorsed by the following elected officials, organizations, and community leaders—representing all eight wards and fighting for key issues like racial justice, health care access, and statehood:

DC’s Progressive Leaders

Karl A. Racine

DC Attorney General

Elissa Silverman

DC Councilmember, At-Large

Janeese Lewis George

Democratic Nominee, DC Council Ward 4

Brianne K. Nadeau

DC Councilmember, Ward 1

Zachary Parker

DC State Board of Education, Ward 5

Emily Gasoi

DC State Board of Education, Ward 1

Ruth Wattenberg

DC State Board of Education, Ward 3

Karen Williams

DC State Board of Education, Ward 7

DC’s Unions & Working Families

Hotel & Hospitality Workers

Building & Airport Workers

DC's Union Families

Metro & Bus Operators

Grocery & Retail Workers

Construction Workers

Public Works Employees


Construction Tradespeople

DC's Nurses


Service Workers

Government Workers

Health Care Workers

Airport Workers

Pipe Workers

Nonprofit Workers

Electrical Workers

DC’s Grassroots & Progressive Community

DC’s Environmental Activists

Mustafa Abdul-Salaam
Ivan Frishberg
Aiyi'nah Ford
Suzanne Wells
Andy Shallal
Jonah Goodman
Sharece Crawford
Ra Amin
Jordan Grossman
Rubie Coles
Japer Bowles
Salim K.T. Adofo
Amir Irani
Rev. Ruth Hamilton
Carrie Thornhill
Andria Thomas
Keshini Ladduwahetty
Clayton Rosenberg
Mysiki Valentine
Chioma Oruh

Join the Movement for a More Progressive Council

Ed has the experience, the broad coalition of partners, and the commitment to justice that DC needs to become the more equitable city we all want and deserve. Join our effort to make it happen.

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Ed is taking $0 from corporations and special interests and relying on grassroots donations to power his campaign. Join our movement with any amount you can. Donations from DC residents will be matched 5 to 1 by DC’s new public financing program!


Ed moves to DC to work as an educator with the Higher Achievement Program


Ed and his wife Suzanne buy their home in Brookland


Ed and Suzanne enroll their oldest son in DC Public Schools


Ed puts his math skills to work on poverty advocacy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Ed helps launch the DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) to make DC government responsive to the needs of low-income and working people


Ed helps lead the fight for Paid Family Leave and DC Council passes it into law — one of many fights Ed led as DCFPI director


Ed announces run for DC Council to build a more equitable city

Fighting and Winning for DC Families

Ed has led or partnered on successful efforts to:

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

How we deal with COVID-19 is an urgent matter of life and death and financial survival for many. The impacts of the crisis also will dominate DC budget and policy decisions long after the pandemic is over. Read more about Ed’s vision for what DC needs to do to protect DC families as we recover from this crisis:

Ed’s Vision for DC

Ed Lazere is running for DC Council At-Large to put racial and economic justice at the center of our agenda as a city.

Equity in Education
Housing Is a Human Right
An Economy for Everyone
Health Care Justice
A Moral Budget
Recovering from COVID-19
Supporting Small Businesses
LGBTQ+ Equality
Addressing the Climate Crisis
Fighting for Statehood